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001. Building an Exceptional Workplace Culture (morning)

Instructor: Sean Glaze

Level of Complexity: Foundational
10:15 AM - 12:30 PM

In this workshop, Sean will equip you to be a more effective leader with the clarity and confidence of a proven, ‎repeatable process you can follow to develop a high-performing culture.‎ In 2021, Gallup reported that “70% of a team's engagement is influenced by managers.” And while most managers want to be effective leaders, the problem is they are often unaware of the five key elements required to build and sustain a positive and profitable culture. Session participants will learn how five essential questions can help them to identify and improve ‎issues in their workplace culture and ensure that their people are more engaged and productive.‎ This program is full of memorable stories and valuable content you will be able to immediately ‎implement to improve retention, boost collaboration, and ignite accountability across your ‎organization.‎

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Selling Through Tough Times

Paul Reilly

As a sales professional, you know that it’s harder to sell in tough times―whether it’s a recession, industry-wide challenge, or global pandemic. You may also have noticed that some salespeople and managers not only survive but thrive through tough times. How do they do it? What do they do to thrive through adversity?

Paul Reilly explaPicture2ins it all in Selling Through Tough Times: Customers buy differently in tough times, so salespeople need to sell differently in tough times. In this eye-opening and indispensable guide, he shows how to develop the right mindset and adapt your skills to prevail in even the most challenging selling climate. His plan includes both immediate, hands-on action plans (including six Daily Mental Flex activities) as well as longer-range strategies to ensure you (and your team) never get caught on the back foot again.

While the principles of selling are constant, Reilly demonstrates how changing your tactics in tough times will not only help you through current difficulties but help you emerge stronger. You’ll discover how to redefine value in customer terms, reposition products and services, and how employ different persuasion tactics. You’ll also learn how to select and pursue the right opportunities, win more deals, and―crucially―protect profit by embracing the “tough timers” mental attitude.

Tough times are inevitable and often unpredictable. But in Selling Through Tough Times, you’ll find the tools and mindset you need to power through them―and come out on top.

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