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Thomas Cook

Headshot Circle 200 X 200 2 Thomas is with Blue Tiger International, a global business consulting company in supply chain management, trade compliance, purchasing, and global trade & logistics.Tom has over 30 years’ experience helping companies all over the world manage their business models, supply chain risk, and spend and import/export operations. He also serves as director of the National Institute of World Trade (NIWT), a nonprofit corporate training school on global trade and supply chain management.

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Strategic Pricing For Distributors: Tools and Rules for Building Higher Margins

Brent Grover

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Experience shows that most distributors are leaving at least two percentage points of gross trading margin on the table. This translates into 2% of total sales. Many companies can ultimately achieve more. The improvement is attainable fairly quickly and has proven to be sustainable. Two percent is the difference between mediocre profit results and stellar performance!

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