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009. What Winning Teammates Do Differently (afternoon)

Instructor: Sean Glaze

Level of Complexity: Intermediate
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Every member of your team needs to develop valuable interpersonal skills and awareness - because people who can build trust with others and inspire others to work more effectively will enjoy a significant competitive advantage. This program reveals the behaviors that improve organizational teamwork – so you have better days and enjoy better results! Sean will share a few captivating stories, powerful content, and high-energy interaction, to deliver a program that equips you and your people to become better teammates. You will leave with actionable steps to positively impact your team performance. You will learn how to take personal ownership of results, build deeper relationships with your people, share meaningful appreciation, and succeed more consistently in highly competitive environments.

Intended Learning Objectives:
• The three key behaviors that build and maintain TRUST
• One question that inspires individual OWNERSHIP of results
• How to cure arrogance and improve COLLABORATION
• How to build & strengthen meaningful RELATIONSHIPS
• What to do to make APPRECIATION more powerful

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