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051. Workplace Trends (Topical Pay, Labor, Workplace and Compliance Trends) (morning)

Instructor: Claudia St. John, Ph.D

Level of Complexity: Intermediate/Advanced
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

It will come as no surprise that the labor market is excruciatingly tight. People continue to quit by the millions each month, silent quitting is on the rise, and hiring and keeping employees is a monumental challenge. Claudia St. John discusses the trends driving these labor market challenges and what you can do to prepare for future challenges.

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Value-Added Selling (4th Edition)

Paul Reilly & Tom Reilly

Value Added Book

“Value” is about more than just price. Good salespeople understand that and know what differentiates their products from that of competitors. Developments in technology, including price comparison apps and search engines, now provide consumers with more information than ever, making it much harder to value and sell your product. Additionally, millennials, who now comprise the largest population in the workforce, prefer to do things differently than prior generations. This updated fourth edition of Reilly’s classic guide examines the latest trends and technology that have impacted the market and provides expert advice on leveraging current technology to increase sales.

Value-Added Selling, 4th edition offers proven strategies and tactics to help you not only close more sales but improve repeat business without compromising on price. You’ll learn how to anticipate the needs, wants, and concerns of buyers from the very beginning of the sales process. The book shows how to compete more profitably by selling value, not price. Visit for more information on this important message.


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